Onanoff Buddyphones Play 【香港行貨保養】
Onanoff BuddyPhones - PLAY 兒童無線藍牙耳機【香港行貨】
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$499
價錢 HK$399
BuddyPhonesPLAY are the safe, comfortable and durable Bluetooth headphones you have beenwaiting for. The incredible 14-hour battery life allows for up to 6 days of usewithout charging (2-3 hours/day). They feature an adjustable headband so thatthey can grow with your child and soft hypo-allergenic cushions make them supercomfortable for years to come. Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices such asiPads, iPhones, Amazon Kindle, car DVD players & more.
ThePLAY Bluetooth over the ear headphones feature volume limiting control toensure that your child's ears are protected from loud noise. Set the volumelevel to a maximum of 75 dB for toddlers, 85 dB for kids, or to 94 dB when innoisy environments such as airplanes. Now all girls and boys can enjoy theirfavorite content without endangering their hearing. Also features the newStudyMode which uses proprietary technology to optimize vocal clarity &enhance speech at 94 dB max.
BuddyPhonesPLAY were specifically designed for toddlers and children age 3 and older. Theyare extremely durable and children can safely use them in the car, at school,on airplanes and every day at home. Our Bluetooth headphones are made fortravel. Each pair of headphones is foldable and comes with a travel bag anddecorative stickers for customization.
Eachpair of PLAY Bluetooth headphones come with an optional 3.5mm gold-platedBuddyCable that allows up to 4 children to listen to one device simultaneously.Additionally, the 2.5 ft BuddyCable can also be used for wired listening ifBluetooth is not available or if the battery has run out. Each headset comeswith an integrated microphone for 2-way calling.
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