Capdase Q-Touch DF71 Fast Wireless Charging Stand DS00-QT01
  • The foldable stand offers flexible angles from a flat pad up to 45°
  • Portable, thin, and simple design with shiny panel
  • Rubberized housing & cushion base prevents slipping & Scratch
  • The fast mode in Wireless charging compatible with Qi standard devices
  • Intelligent circuit safeguard from overcurrent, overvoltage & overheat
  • The base indicator shows standby mode in red and charging status in multiple colors
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定價 HK$248
價錢 HK$126

Input: DC 5V/2.0A, 9V/1.8A
Output: 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W
Rated frequency: 110~205 KHz
Efficiency: more than 72%
Transmission Distance: less than 10mm
** Best performance: 3.5mm
Standard: Qi standard
Dimension: 128.5 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm.CAPDASE Fast Wireless Charging Stand C Q-Touch DF71 is featuring simplicity in thinness and modern design with foldable backplane act as a pad or stand that seamlessly fits in with any decorating style at your desk.
It is equipped with Wireless charging transmitter by Qi standard and built-in 2 coils ensures Wireless charging transmission in place and allows standalone option for landscape or portrait viewing needs,
delivers 5W / 7.5W/ 10W of charging power level for wireless charging-enabled devices get charged up wirelessly and conveniently and allows fast charging compatible for Qi enabled devices with fast charge functionality.
and be shorten charging time in home/office or even in travel.
Gentle reminder:
Does not be charging if the Smart device worn with metal case and the case are thicker than 3 mm Does not be using Q-Touch DF71 stand in hot, humid or corrosive environment to avoid circuit damage
Wireless charging notes
It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitting source * to a receiving device * for charging the device's battery wirelesslyTransmitting source: Q-Touch DF71 stand
Receiving device: Qi enabled Smartphones
Fast charging notes
Qi enabled devices which are not supported fast charging will be powered at standard charging speed
Required a separately sold QC 3.0 Wall charger or Wall charger higher than 15W to support fast charging
Attention to power output of charging source of Wall charger will effects the charging speed performance
Most of Smartphone is defaulted protective mode that turn to normal-speed charge when sense over-heat
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