MOMAX OneLink Active 4.0 觸控筆 TP8

With the new generation of nib, it offers an accurate and smooth writing/drawing experience. It can change the thickness of the lines while holding it obliquely. It also contains anti-palm function that the palm can be naturally placed flat on the screen of iPad / iPad Pro / iPad Mini.

Magnetic attachment | Supports magnetic connection, convenient storage

One-click startup | Simply click on the top of the pen to turn on/off

New generation nib | Extra high accuracy to make it effortless for drawing

1.5mm thin pen tip | Precise drawing and writing

Considerate for drawing | Tilt pressure sensitivity and anti-palm function to cover all your needs on drawing

All day batteries capacity | Built-in 130mAh battery, Able to be fully charged in 30 minutes, offering an all-day use experience

Carrying pouch included | Storage leather case is included. Simple and portable; Durable and wear-resistant

出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$398
價錢 HK$265


USB-C Input: 5V/0.2A

Capacity: 110mAh

Charging Time: 0.5hrs

Working Time: 8.5hrs

Compatibility : iOS

Dimension: Φ9*167mm±1mm

Weight: 11g

Accessories: Spare pen tip, Carrying pouch

2 year MFR Warranty

  • 原裝行貨
  • 2年代理保養
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