Detailed introduction
・Portable mosquito repellent combines Radarcan’s proprietary SONUERIT technology to protect against mosquito bites such as general mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus, tiger mosquitoes, Egyptian mosquitoes, and malaria mosquitoes – proven by European universities and laboratory tests. Mosquito repellent effect
・Independent switch system, and LED lights show strong state
・Made in Spain, harmless to humans or pets
・No chemical, no fan
・Can be worn on the wrist or on the backpack

Coverage area: 2 meters diameter range
Battery: 1*CR2032 battery (approx. 10 months per day for 4 hours) Product effect and Q&A: R-100 is a low frequency, light sound, suitable for outdoor use. The device simulates the sound of a mosquito, and the female mosquito is less likely to be used when it is used. The male mosquito may approach but not bite. The sound wave exit face will affect the effect. For example, the outlet is worn up and the shorts are worn, and the leg may be bitten. At this time, the device can be unloaded and attached to the shoelace, and the effect is relatively obvious.